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Front Wheel Maintenance

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Cleaning Tool


Flat-Head Screwdriver





Removing and Cleaning Bob's Front Wheel

To disassemble and clean Bob's front wheel, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver.

1. Flip Bob over onto a flat surface and grip the front wheel with your hand. Pull it up, using a screwdriver for leverage if needed, and the wheel will pop out.

2. You may remove and clean the smaller wheel on Bob’s wheel piece. To detach it, grip firmly and pull. Ensure the wheel spins freely when holding the ends of its metal bar.

3. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 2 screws holding the wheel piece together, then pull apart to open.

After you’ve cleaned the inside of the wheel piece, replace its outer casing and align its edges.

1. Place the spring attachment in the wheel. The spring’s straight end goes inside the wheel’s square indent and the curved end of the spring will stick up slightly. Hold the spring in place as you hook the curved end under the tab on the spring attachment.

2. Continue holding the spring attachment while replacing the wheel’s outer casing.

3. Align the square indents on each piece of the wheel casing. Apply pressure continuously so the spring does not pop out of place during reassembly.

4. Hold the wheel piece together while you reinstall the 2 screws. You may replace the smaller wheel as well.

5. Finally, place the front wheel back in its space on Bob and push down to lock the wheel in place.

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