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Weekly Maintenance

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Phillips Head Screwdriver

To maximize Bob’s efficiency, it’s best to clean his dustbin, filters, and brushes about once a week.

Main Brush

If Bob’s having trouble picking up debris, the most likely cause is a congested main brush. To thoroughly clean the brush, you’ll need to remove it.

1. Push in the tabs on the main brush frame and lift. Once the frame is removed, you can lift the brush out.

2. Use the cleaning tool to clean the brush from end to end. Pay special attention to the ends of the brush and the notches inside Bob where the brush is held.

3. Before replacing the main brush, make sure the cap is securely attached to the pin end. Secure the end with the cap into the square notch inside Bob.

4. Lastly, replace the brush frame.

Side Brushes

Bob’s side brushes should also be regularly cleaned.

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the side brushes from Bob.

2. Remove any hair wrapped around the brushes or the sockets where the brushes are held.

3. When done, use the screwdriver to secure the side brushes back into place.

Dustbin & Filters

To remove Bob’s dustbin:

1. Press down on the tab on the back of Bob and slide the dustbin out.

2. Lift the tab to open the dustbin. Do not force the dustbin past its natural opening point.

Bob’s filters are located inside the dustbin. We recommend dusting them off about once a week and replacing them about once every 6 months.

To remove the filters:

1. Lift the filter tray out by the tabs.

2. Use the cleaning tool to brush the dust off the filters.

3. Replace the filters when done cleaning. Place the white high-efficiency filter down first with the yellow tab facing up. Place the black electrostatic filter down next. Lastly, place the filter tray on top.

4. Press down on the frame to ensure it is snugly secured in place.

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