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Quick Start Guide

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Charging Station



Box Contents​

Remote Control, Charging Station, Charging Adapter, Spare Side Brushes (2), Spare Filters (2), Phillips Head Screwdriver, Cleaning Tool, Side Brush Screws, Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty Card.

Step 1: Charge Bob

Allow Bob to fully charge before using him for the first time.

​To charge Bob:​

1. Plug the power adapter into the side of the charging station. The station’s green power light will turn on.

2. Place Bob on his charging station with the metal plates on his underside sitting on top of the nodes on his station.

Bob will chirp once and slowly blink his cover button to let you know that he is charging. When Bob has fully charged, his cover button will stop blinking and remain solid.

Step 2: Click and Go!

Once Bob is fully charged he is ready to clean!

1. Press Bob’s cover button, or the play/pause button on his remote, and he will clean on his default Robot mode.

Standby Mode​

If Bob is left idling for 5 minutes, he will enter standby mode to conserve his battery. When in standby mode, Bob is paused. To take him out of standby mode, press his cover button or any button on his remote.

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