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Bob's Filters

To maximize Bob’s efficiency, it is best to clean his filters about once a week and replace them about once every 6 months. Three filters are located inside the dustbin. These filters capture fine particles and prevent them from escaping the dustbin.

​- Filter Frame
- Electrostatic Filter - For smaller particles
- High-Efficiency Filter - For fine particles

Quick Tips:
- Do not wash the dustbin without removing the filters first.
- When replacing the filters, make sure the tab on the high-efficiency filter faces up.

Cleaning Bob's Filters

1. Push down the tab on Bob’s back and slide the dustbin out.

2. Lift the tab to open the dustbin. Lift the filter tray out, using the tabs for leverage.

3. Remove the filters and brush them with Bob’s cleaning tool.

4. Replace the filters and the filter tray. Close the dustbin and slide it back into Bob.

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