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The Smooth Navigator

When your floors are looking rough, Bob Pro smooths them over. One click and Bob floors it, no further instructions needed. Just click and go — leave the cleaning to a professional.


Smart Spatial Awareness




Lowest Clearance


500 mL Dustbin

Living room couch and rug

Sweeps in the pro leagues. Knows his way around a rug.

Great at Directions


Bob's an expert navigator with smart spatial awareness.

Bob Pro in silver moving to its charging station to charge batteries
Family talking in kitchen with big and small dogs chasing Bob Pro

Stays on the Straight and Narrow


Set Bob to clean and he'll know exactly where to go. No course correcting necessary!

Squeezes In and Out of Tight Spaces


At 3.18 inches tall, Bob has the lowest clearance of all our products.

Cat on top of dresser while Bob Pro vacuums under the dresser
Girl presses top button on Bob Pro

500 mL Dustbin


Bob Pro is low to the ground but high in dustbin capacity.

Additional Features

Auto Recharge


Side profile of Bob Pro
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