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Weekly Maintenance

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Cleaning Tool

Dustbin & Filters Maintenance​

​Replace the filter every 6 months.

1. Remove the dustbin.

2. Open the dustbin and dump its contents.

3. Open the filter container and remove congestion.

4. Remove and dust the filters. Wipe the dustbin.

Brush Maintenance

Replace the brushes every 12 months.

1. Pull up to remove the side brushes.

2. Remove debris from the brushes and brush sockets.

3. Pinch the tabs on the main brush gate and lift.

4. Clean the main brush and all its components, including the brush gate and brush compartment.

Sensors & Camera Window Maintenance

Important Note: Use a cloth to wipe the sensors and camera window.​

1. Wipe the edge and wall sensors.

2. Wipe the charging plates on Bob and the charging nodes on his station.

3. Wipe the metal connectors on the dustbin and wet mop attachment.

4. Wipe the camera window.

Front Wheel Maintenance

1. Using a flat head screwdriver for leverage, grip the wheel firmly and pull.

2. Once the wheel is removed, use the screwdriver to pry out the wheel assembly.

3. Clean the wheel and all its components, including the assembly and wheel socket

4. Replace both parts when done. Push down to lock them into place.

Battery Maintenance

Important Note: Power off Bob before replacing the battery. Press and hold the play button.

1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

2. Unplug the old battery and plug in your new one.

3. Slide the new battery into Bob.

Wet Mop Attachment Maintenance*

Important Note: The reservoir should be drained after use to avoid possible water damage.

1. Remove the mop attachment.

2. Pull open the tab and empty the reservoir.

3. Tap out any debris that may have collected inside the attachment.

4. Wash the mopping cloth. Air-dry all parts when done.

*Sold separately. Included in accessories bundle.

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