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Replace the Right Sensor Array

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Phillips Head Screwdriver






Flat-Head Screwdriver

Bob's modular design makes it easy to replace old or damaged parts from home. For this repair, you'll need a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a replacement left sensor array.

Keep all removed screws and parts for later reassembly.

Before starting, power off Bob by pressing and holding the play button.

1. Remove the battery. Remove the two screws on the battery cover to access the battery. Unplug the battery and set it aside.
2. Remove the front wheel assembly. Using a flathead screwdriver for leverage, pull up on the assembly.
3. Next, remove the side brushes. Pull up to remove them.
4. Then, remove the main brush. Pinch the tabs on the brush gate and lift.
5. Lastly, remove Bob's dustbin.

Now, you're ready to open up Bob and access the mainboard.

1. Remove the following eight screws on Bob's underside.
2. Then, remove the eight screws for the bumper attachments.
3. Remove the bumper attachments and set it aside.
4. Flip Bob over to remove the bumper.
5. Disconnect the circuit plug that is connected to the bumper.
6. Then, remove the bumper.

Now, it's time to lift Bob's cover.

1. Carefully lift the cover.
2. Disconnect the two circuit plugs connected to the motherboard.
3. Lift the cover and set it on a flat surface.

Now, it’s time to replace the right sensor array.

1. Disconnect the circuit plug connected to the mainboard.
2. Then, lift up the sensor bracket.
3. Apply pressure from underneath to pop out the sensor.
4. Lift up the bracket and sensor.
5. Install the new sensor array.
6. Reconnect the circuit plug.
7. The sensor array is now installed.

Now it’s time to put Bob back together.

1. Connect the two circuit plugs from the mainboard to Bob's camera.
2. Once connected, close Bob's cover.
3. Reinstall Bob's bumper.
4. Reinstall the bumper attachments.
5. Reinstall the eight screws on Bob's underside.
6. Replace the dustbin, the main brush bracket, and main brush.
7. Replace the side brushes and wheel assembly.
8. Lastly, replace the battery.

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