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Quick Start Guide

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Charging Adapter


Side Brush





Charging Station

Box Contents

Bob PetHair Vision™, Charging Adapter, Charging Station, Cleaning Tool
Side Brushes (4), Filters (2) Wet Mop Attachment* Microfiber Mopping Cloths (2)*, NoSweep™ Stripes*, Owner's Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.

*Sold separately. Included in accessories bundle.

Bob's First Clean

Before starting: Remove the protective pieces from Bob's bumper and charging station.


1. Install Side Brushes

Press down to lock the left (L) and right (R) side brushes onto Bob.


2. Charge

Place Bob on his station and allow him to fully charge.

Charging Indicators:
- Low Battery: The battery button rapidly blinks blue.
- Finding Station: The battery button shines blue.
- Charging: The battery button slowly blinks blue.
- Fully Charged: Both the battery and play buttons shine white.

Important Note:
Bob always returns to his charging station after cleaning. To increase Bob's chance of finding his station, place it on a hard flat surface with plenty of room around it.


3. Download bObsweep App

Download the bObsweep app for your iOS or Android device. Create your account and connect your bot.


4. Let Bob Sweep!

When down, Bob is ready to sweep! Clear away any clutter or wires and press the play button.

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