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blOck Quick Start

Use blOck to draw invisible 10-foot-long boundaries that Bob won’t cross. Customize your cleaning space, protect delicate furniture, or confine Bob to a single room.

blOck runs on 4 AA batteries.

Located on the back of blOck, just above its battery cover, are two buttons: on the left, the ON/OFF button, and on the right, the sync button.

Syncing blOck with Bob

To use blOck for the first time, you will need to sync it to Bob.

1. Flip Bob’s power switch OFF. Then, press blOck’s ON/OFF button, and the power light will turn on, stay still for 10 seconds, and then slowly blink every 3 seconds. This means blOck is ON and ready to sync.

2. Flip Bob’s power switch ON while at the same time pressing blOck’s sync button. Bob will beep twice to let you know he and blOck are now synced.

If you didn’t time the sync quite right, you may turn both Bob and blOck OFF and begin again.

To turn blOck OFF:

1. Press the ON/OFF button again. The power light will blink and then disappear altogether.

How to use blOck

blOck emits an invisible beam from its front, the side opposite its battery cover. If you would like to block a doorway, place blOck on the edge of the doorway with the beam laid out across the doorway’s length.

blOck will remain ON for 3 hours before turning itself OFF to preserve energy. The power light will flash more quickly than normal when blOck is in need of new batteries. To preserve battery, turn blOck OFF when not in use.

Bob is a cleaner that respects your boundaries. If you would like to create multiple invisible boundaries within your home, you can pick up blOck at the bObsweep online store.

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