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Quick Start Guide

What You Need: (click to shop)


Flat-Head Screws


Flat-Head Screwdriver


Side Brush


Charging Adapter


Charging Station



Box Contents

Remote Control, Charging Station, Charging Adapter, Main Brushes (2), Side Brushes (2), Mop Attachment, Microfiber Mopping Cloths (2), Filters (2), Flat Head Screwdriver, Cleaning Tool, Pack of Screws, Bumper Stickers, Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty Card.

Install Bob's Side Brush

Before Bob’s first clean, you must install his side brush, which allows him to sweep along corners, walls, and other hard-to-reach places.

1. Flip Bob over onto a flat surface. Place the side brush over the empty socket on Bob’s underside.

2. Secure Bob’s side brush using the flat head screwdriver and short screw.

You may use the additional side brush and screws as spares.

Charge Bob

To charge Bob:

1. Plug the charging adapter into the side of the charging station.

2. Place Bob on his charging station with the metal plates on his underside sitting on top of the nodes on his station.

Important Note: The charging station will save its last settings for up to 8 hours after being disconnected or turned off.

Bob is Now Ready to Clean!

1. Flip his power switch ON

2. Press START on his cover — or AUTO on his remote — and he will clean on his default setting (Robot mode).

Standby Mode

If Bob is left idle without charging or cleaning, his screen will go blank and he will enter standby mode to preserve his battery. In standby mode, Bob will remain asleep. You can also put Bob in and out of standby mode by pressing the power button on his remote.

To get Bob back to cleaning:

1. To wake Bob, press any button on his cover or the power button on his remote.

2. Press START on his cover or AUTO on his remote.

To send Bob to his charging station:

1. To wake Bob, press any button on his cover or the power button on his remote.

2. Press CHARGE on Bob’s cover or remote.

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