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The High-Tech Helper

With enhanced mapping and localizing technology, Bob creates an accurate map of his surroundings, and plans the best cleaning path taking into account your wishes as well.


LiDAR Mapping


Smart Home Ready


Turbolift™ Vacuum


NoSweep™ Zones

Double the Power


Ferocious 2x boosted suction power-lifts fur off floors, while main brush and twin side brushes spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits, and collect dust and dirt collected along baseboards and in the corners.


Modern Design


A modern LiDAR and advanced sensors map the entire house, while the bObsweep SLAM technology simultaneously keeps track of Bob’s surroundings and location.

SLAM in Black -2.png

Smart Home Ready

Connect to Alexa or Google Home devices call Bob to action using your voice. Use the bObsweep app to track, schedule, and see where Bob’s headed.

Works with alexa button
Works with Google Assistant button

Map your Clean


Draw NoSweep™ areas Bob won’t enter, and define MoSweep™ areas Bob cleans more intensely. Then create customized schedules to train Bob to clean your way.

Additional Features

Auto Recharge


Audio Alerts

Large Dustbin

Stair & Obstacle Detection

Dark Carpet Cleaning

Mopping Attachment

220209 -bObsweep SLAM - Jade - 01.png
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