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Replace the Contact Points

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Phillips Head Screwdriver


Flat-Head Screwdriver





To replace the contact points on Bob PetHair Plus, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and a new set of contact points.

Before starting any repair on Bob, turn his side power switch OFF and remove his dustbin.

Then, flip Bob over onto a flat surface and remove his main brush using the flat head screwdriver.

Keep all removed screws and parts safely aside, as they may be needed for later reassembly.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the 6 screws on Bob’s underside that hold him together.

One screw on each side of the front wheel. One screw to the right of the main brush motor.

One screw on each side of the dustbin. The final screw is in the brush compartment.

Bob’s cover is no longer secured, so hold the top and bottom together as you carefully flip him back onto his wheels.

Grip Bob’s cover from the back and lift up to expose the mainboard.

Slide the power inlet down and tuck it somewhere safe to avoid compressing its wires.

To detach Bob’s cover completely, disconnect 4 circuit plugs:

Two at the lower edge of the mainboard, near the wheels.

And two more at the top edge, near the bumper.

Bob’s cover is now completely detached and can be set aside for the rest of the repair.

To access the dustbin’s contact points, you will need to remove the wheel cover.

Remove the 6 screws securing the cover onto Bob. Two are next to the mainboard.

You may wish to lift and move the main brush motor and power switch out of the way to reach these screws.

Two are on either side of the left wheel, one above and one below.
Lastly, two more screws are on the right wheel, one above and one below.

Once all 6 screws are removed, lift the wheel cover up and unplug it from the mainboard. Place it aside for now.

For ease of access, you may wish to place the left and right wheels aside, just be sure to keep their springs safely on-hand for later reassembly.

It may also help to prop Bob’s back up for the rest of the repair.

There are 5 more screws to remove in order to access the contact points.

Remove all and lift the main brush compartment’s barrier. Then, slide Bob’s contact points out of their spaces and follow their wiring to the correct circuit plug on the mainboard.

Remove the old circuit plug and connect your new one in the open space. Feed the wiring back underneath the mainboard, toward Bob’s back.

Place Bob’s contact points back in their spaces so that the black wire is on the left. Push down to ensure that each contact point sits flat in its space. The rest of the wiring should be fed toward Bob’s right wheel.

Hold down the contact points as you replace their holder. Align the holder with all of the screw posts without compressing the wiring underneath.

Push each contact point in as you hold the main brush barrier on Bob, to ensure that it does not shift out of place. Then reinstall all of the barrier’s 5 screws.

With the back of Bob still tilted up, replace the left and right wheels if you have moved them. Replace the two springs on top of the wheels.

Plug the wheel cover back into the mainboard. Then, carefully align the cover with the screw posts on Bob. Clear the area of any wires that may become compressed underneath the wheel cover. Make sure the springs on top of the wheels do not move out of place as you push the cover down.

Install all 6 screws previously removed from the wheel cover. There are 2 just behind the mainboard, 2 around the left wheel, and 2 around the right wheel.

Replace the main brush motor and power switch before connecting the cover.

Reattach all 4 circuit plugs connecting Bob’s cover to the mainboard.

2 connect to the top edge of the mainboard, and 2 more that connect to the bottom edge.

Remember to slide the power inlet back into its space on Bob’s cover.

Align the cover’s edges precisely. Then, flip Bob over onto a flat surface.
Ensure that no wires are compressed in the main brush compartment or visible at the edges of the bumper.

If so, take a step back and lift the cover to tuck the wires into the appropriate spaces.

Once the wires are all safely tucked away and Bob’s cover is aligned properly, reinstall all 6 screws previously removed from Bob’s underside.

Install the main brush and dustbin before your next use and Bob is completely re-assembled.

Turn the side power switch back on and congratulations! You’ve just replaced Bob’s contact points. Happy cleaning!