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Edge Sensors

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Edge Sensors

Cleaning Bob's Sensors

Dirt and dust on Bob’s wall and edge sensors can reduce his performance. Bob’s wall sensors are located along his bumper, and his edge sensors are located on his underside. Regularly cleaning these sensors ensures that Bob keeps working at his best.

To do so:
Wipe the wall and edge sensors using a soft cloth slightly dampened with cold water or alcohol.

Deactivating Edge Sensors

Dark-colored or patterned carpet may seem like empty space to Bob’s edge sensors. If Bob displays that he feels “something funny going on” with his edge sensors, then you may need to temporarily deactivate them.

To deactivate Bob's edge sensors:

1. Flip Bob’s power switch ON. Hold down the CHECKUP button on Bob’s cover. The 4 bars above “Check Up” will begin to flash on Bob’s screen.

2. After the 4 bars flash 7 times and remain still, release the CHECKUP button. The 4 bars above “Check Up” will remain on. This means Bob’s edge sensors are deactivated.

Caution: When the edge sensors have been deactivated, Bob will be unable to detect stairs or sharp drops.

Reactivating Edge Sensors

To reactivate Bob's edge sensors:

1. Hold down the CHECKUP button on Bob’s cover. The 4 bars above “Check Up” will begin to flash on his screen.

2. After the 4 bars stop flashing and dis- appear, release the CHECKUP button. Bob’s edge sensors are active again.

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