bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Carpet Sweeper, and Mop


An upgrade to your lifestyle

  New products come to the market every day. We fall in love with many of them and are compelled to buy them. However, very few of these products make our lives as easy as Bobsweep does. Bobsweep is not just a cool product or a luxurious one that you could only afford if you have some extra dollars to spend. Bobsweep is a practical cleaning appliance that you can't afford to live without.   Here is why: most of us have so many things we wished we had the time to do, that we complain about the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. Now imagine this: an automatic and intelligent cleaning companion comes to your home to take the boring and back-breaking task of vacuuming and mopping off your busy schedule, thus presenting you the opportunity to do the things you love.   If you think about the hassle and the time that Bobsweep saves you by keeping your floors constantly clean, you would agree that Bob is anything but luxury. Indeed with a simple calculation of how much time you spend doing what Bobsweep can do for you--not just for weeks, not just for months, but for years--you will see our point when we say you can't afford his absence.   Our minutes are too precious to be wasted scrubbing the floors. Give Bob a chance to show you how sweet life gets with his presence.


Busy Mom? Relax, Bob's Here

    Mothers are among the groups that appreciate Bob the most.   Raising children is more demanding than a full-time job, and many moms these days work outside the home as well. Therefore, labour-intensive housework like vacuum cleaning and mopping is the last thing a mother should be expected to do. Bobsweep is a great gift to mothers because it reduces their workload so they can devote more time to themselves and their loved ones. Every mother deserves some help and Bobsweep provides that 24/7. Bobsweep can be programmed to automatically vacuum the floors while you’re away, whether it’s for a couple of hours, or even the entire weekend. With Bobsweep, you can go for a relaxing weekend get-away and come back to a clean house!  


Come back to a clean home

  You have invited your friends over for a get-together at your place tonight and plan to surprise them with the new vegetarian recipe that you just got your hands on. Its time to get the groceries, but wait! You forgot to vacuum your carpets and you certainly don't want to make an impression of a careless host on your friends. But you don’t have the time to take care of everything! You can program Bobsweep and the intelligent cleaner that he is, Bob will take care of cleaning by the time you come back from grocery shopping. Attach the mop to its belly and let him take care of mopping too while you are getting the dinner ready. Is that the door bell? All righty, enjoy your party... and hey! don't forget to share your story with us and your friends. A smile on your face and reading a story about how Bob made your day is the best thing we can possibly receive from you.
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