bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bob PetHair Plus™: Our Strongest Addition

MVP of the bObsweep team. No mercy for messes.

Speciality: Good at math. 4x boosted suction = 0 dirt.

Love your pets, not their mess. Keep particles from building up on the floors with Bob's automatic cleaning powers like his self-starting schedule and auto-resume feature. Let this multitasking robotic vacuum cleaner and mop glide across your floors to trap dirt and free you to relax.

Lift a finger, but only once. Let Bob do the rest.

bObi Classic Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop


4X Boosted Suction PowerblOck PlusLong-Lasting Battery
Get it all with Bob. His upgraded TurboLift™ vacuum gets rid of litter, shed fur, and all sorts of other crumby household debris. blOck Plus creates up to two 10-foot invisible barriers that customize your clean and keep Bob away from sensitive furniture. Clean continuously for 75 minutes and cover up to 1000 square feet in a single charge.


Additional Features

  • The add-on wet mop, available separately, holds water and cleaning solution in its reservoir and dispenses the liquid throughout Bob's cleaning cycle.
  • Bob knows how to communicate! His built-in checkup system displays in one simple sentence what's going on internally so you're always in the loop.
  • Choose from Cobalt or Charcoal to give your decor a lustrous, bold dash of color.


USD$899.00 USD$899.00

Our Products

bObi Pet Robot Vacuum bObi Classic Robot Vacuum bObsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum
bObi Pet™ bObi Classic™ Bob PetHair™
Sleek, strong, stylish. Reflects the best in you. Specialty: Pet whisperer. Low volume, high power. The compact cleaner. World-traveller. Packs light. Speciality: Incognito mode: slips under furniture and leaves no trace. The heavy-duty handler. Always reining in cats' and dogs' fur. Specialty: Magician. Makes pet hair disappear.


Junior Robot Vacuum Standard Bob Robot Vacuum Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum
Junior™Bob Standard™Bob PetHair Plus™
Young upstart. Focused on what matters. Specialty: Your go-to guy. Simple yet fierce. The Original. Bob the First. Specialty: Well-rounded guy. Not a show off. MVP of the bObsweep team. No mercy for messes. Speciality: Good at math. 4x boosted suction = 0 dirt.
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