bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Extra Large Dustbin (1L)


One of the main reasons robot vacuum cleaners haven't completely replaced the old-style vacuum cleaners is that they don't really have much space for dirt and dust. Most robot vacuum cleaners come with a dustbin size of 0.3 liter or less.


A small dustbin means that it gets full before you know it, which in turn means that your robot vacuum cleaner will be running around without actually picking up anything from the floor. Could it get more disappointing?! The design and the motor power of many robotic floor sweepers and vacuum cleaners don't allow them to have a bigger container.


In designing Bobsweep, our vision has been to provide you with a practical replacement for your traditional cleaning devices. We manufactured Bob in a way that his compact body allows room for a large dustbin of one liter, while his powerful motor carries it along. Rest assured that Bob won't get full quickly and will go around your rooms hunting for more. Once his bin is full (and this translates to many days of vacuuming depending on how often you use him and how big your space is), all you have to do is simply pop it out of his back, dump the contents and set it right back in.



Other features of bObsweep:

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RoHS Compliance: Your Safety and the Environment's Protection are Guaranteed
Multiple modes and speeds
Long-lasting, Rechargable Battery
Main and Side Brushes
Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button
Extra Long Main Brush
Extra Large Dustbin (1L)
Remote Control
Auto Stairs & Edge Detector
Auto Recharging
Auto Adjust to Floor Type
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