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Bob PetHair Vision Plus

Bob PetHair Vision Plus


The Empowered Visionary


Clean deep inside carpets and rugs with Bob’s Enhanced Boosted Dual Power TurboLift suction. Bob’s boosted power makes vacuuming even the thickest pet hair a breeze. His SLAM-enabled computer conveniently connects to 5G Wi-Fi while his VisiOn camera keeps him connected to his surroundings. 

  • Features:

    • iOS / Android App 

    • Auto-Charging

    • Scheduling

    • Stair and Obstacle Detection

    • VisiOn™ Mapping

    • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant Devices


    Standard Accessories

    • Side Brushes (4)

    • Filters (2)


    Includes Bonus Accessories Bundle

    • Wet Mop Attachment

    • Microfiber Mopping Cloths (2)

    • NoSweep™ Stripes

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