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5 Important Areas to Clean Before Thanksgiving

Kick off the celebration on a clean slate.

Thanksgiving dinner with wine glasses and turkey
Worry less about the mess, and spend more time celebrating.

Whether you're inviting close friends over or hosting a small intimate gathering for your family, a clean house is sure to make an impression on your night. With the thanksgiving festivities in full swing you'll be noticing the doorway, kitchen surfaces, and glassware a lot more. To have you worrying less about the mess and more on the celebration, get your home in shape by cleaning these 5 places in your home.


Entryway to the house with bench and floor mat
Clean up the clutter by the door.

From coats, to bags, to shoes that may have tracked in some dirt, the doorway is the landing spot for heavy traffic in the house. A clean doorway is the first impression you can make on your guests so why not take some time to organize it. Put away any clutter or shoes that may be blocking the entrance area, keep clothing hangers free for guests to hang their jackets, and vacuum the floors and welcome mats to create an inviting space to walk into.

Kitchen Surfaces

Girl cooking in kitchen with pots and ingredients out
Clean the kitchen counter to make room for the best part, the food!

The kitchen is likely where you and your family will gather to talk, cook, or hangout. Be sure to clear the sink of any dirty dishes, and wipe the countertops of any crumbs or stains. Clear the table to make way for all the snacks, food, and drinks to be consumed within the night.


Wine glasses clinking to a toast
Polish your drinking glasses beforehand.

Bring out the nice glassware! But before you do, double check that your drinking glasses are free of dust, watermarks or lipstick marks. Do this before your guests arrive so that you can offer beverages right away.

Powder Room

Clean bathroom vanity
Don't forget to wipe the mirrors of any water marks!

On a day to day basis it can be easy to overlook a few things in the powder room. Before your guests arrive, give your washroom a look over. Clear the countertops of any clutter or toiletries, wipe down the countertop and faucet handles, and give your toilet seat a quick clean to remove any dust or debris. Finish up by vacuuming any hair, dust, or dirt that may be lingering on the floor.

The Couch

Grandpa reading a story to his granddaughters by the couch
Let the family gather around the couch.

After the food has been consumed and your bellies are full, the next best place to sit down and relax is by the couch. Don't overlook your day to day sitting area. Clean this surface before your guests arrive. Pet hair, fuzz, crumbs, and dirt tend to collect so be sure to remove them from the surface. Once your couch has been cleaned, fluff the pillows, fold any blankets, and vacuum the area around the couch.

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