Just the Basics

Junior is outfitted with everything he needs to get the job done with no mess and no fuss. We took the best of Bob and stopped there.

Best of the Core bObsweep Features

Trouble Messages

Programmable Station*

*Available for purchase separately

The simple bot necessities

Junior has the best of the core bObsweep features:



Auto Recharge

Scheduling, UV light, and mop not included.

Two ladies chatting in the kitchen while dog plays and Junior sweeps the floor


Junior is high-quality tech made affordable.

When trouble’s afoot, Junior stays grounded.


Trouble messages alert you to parts on Junior that need attention.

Owner and dog sit on couch while Junior vacuums the floor
Junior robot vacuum cleaning up spilled popcorn on the floor

Bob’s little brother with a big appetite.

Tech your Junior to the next level.

Programmable Station*


Allows you to set Junior to clean on the days of your choosing.

*Available for purchase separately

Additional features

Select a feature to see how it works.

Stair & Obstacle Detection


LCD Screen

Checkup System


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