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Dustbin & Filter Maintenance

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Cleaning Tool






To empty the dustbin:

1. Hold down the eject button on the back of the dustbin.

2. Pull the dustbin out.

3. Pull up the two color clips on either side of the dustbin with both hands. This will release the gate.

4. Use the cleaning tool to remove remaining dirt and dust from the dustbin.

Do not remove the dustbin while bObi is upside down.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter captures fine particles and allergens, and prevents them from escaping back into the air.

To remove and clean the filter:

1. Eject the dustbin and release the gate.

2. Flip the dustbin upside down and open the clear filter cover.

3. Remove the filter and dust it off using bObi’s cleaning tool.

It is recommended that you change bObi’s filter every 6 months if you are using her regularly.

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

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