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Error Codes

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When bObi faces an uncomfortable situation, she stops and displays Er and a two-digit number on her remote. Each number corresponds to a certain issue bObi is having.

If after attempting the suggested solutions bObi's problem persists, you may want to perform a home checkup test on her. You may also contact our customer care center at 1-888-549-8847 or Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT.

Error Code 01 (Er 01): Edge Sensors

bObi’s four, oval-shaped edge sensors are located on her underside, near her bumper.

What to do:
- Clean the sensors using a clean, dry cloth or compressed air.
- If bObi displays Error Code 01 while working on dark-colored or patterned flooring, you may need to blindfold her.

Error Code 02 (Er 02): Brushes

What to do:
- Remove bObi’s main and side brushes, and clean them thoroughly from end to end. You may use a pair of scissors to cut hair or thread wrapped around bObi’s brushes, or a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the ends of the brushes.
- If bObi displays Error Code 02 while cleaning on a shag carpet or rug, you may remove her main brushes and allow her to clean without them, but she will not clean as effectively.

Error Code 03 (Er 03): Power System

What to do:
- Check bObi’s battery connection. Open the battery compartment and unplug the battery. Wait 30 seconds, then reinstall the battery.
- Plug the charging adapter directly into the inlet above bObi’s power switch. Let her charge for at least 8 hours.

Error Code 04 (Er 04): Left/Right Wheels

What to do:
- Check bObi’s left and right wheels for jamming.
- Remove the two screws around each wheel and use compressed air to remove debris inside the brush compartments.

Error Code 05 (Er 05): Dustbin

What to do:
- Remove the dustbin and empty it. Turn the dustbin around and gently wipe the metal plates on its bottom with a soft, dry cloth.
- Look at where the dustbin connects to bObi’s body. Under the red plastic casing is the dustbin’s contact points. Make sure they spring freely and are not stuck or bent.
- If one or both of the contact points are stuck, use a screwdriver to gently pull them out.
- Carefully reinstall the dustbin while bObi is in the upright position, so that the dustbin securely locks.

7. Let Bob Sweep!

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