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Full Command™ Remote

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Remote Buttons

Schedule Bob’s cleaning schedule, adjust his speed, and control his movements all from his FullCommand™ remote. Bob’s remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Remove the batteries if you are not using it on a regular basis. Keep the remote at room temperature.

GO! - Bob will begin cleaning

Cleaning Mode - Cycles through Bob’s cleaning modes

Charge - Sends Bob to his charging station

UV Light - Activates or deactivates UV light

Wake/Sleep - Puts Bob in and out of standby mode

Mute - Mutes Bob’s beeping while he is in standby mode

Navigational Buttons - Guide Bob forward, backward, right, or left

OK/Sync - Confirms time selection/Synchronizes remote

Thorough Lift™ - Slows Bob down for an intensive clean or speeds him up to his default speed

Set Current Time - Sets the current time and date

Set Cleaning Schedule - Sets Bob’s regular cleaning schedule

Stop - Pauses or resumes Bob’s movements


Syncing Bob's Remote​

Bob must be synced to his FullCommand™ remote before he is able to obey its commands.

To sync Bob's remote:

1. Hold down the OK/SYNC While still holding down button on Bob’s remote.

2. While still holding down button on Bob’s remote. the OK/SYNC button, flip Bob’s power switch ON.

3. Bob will chirp twice to let you know the sync was successful.

Using the navigational arrows:

1. Hold down the remote’s navigational buttons to keep Bob moving in the desired direction. Release the button when you are done manually driving Bob.

Bob’s edge sensors are located along his front, not along his back. Do not reverse Bob towards edges, as he will fall.