Happy family in kitchen with space grey Bob PetHair Vision and large dog

Bob PetHair Vision

Designed for life with pets.


Bob’s advanced mapping makes fetching fur a walk in the park. This self-driving sweeper is equipped with the latest navigation, mapping, camera, and app technology.

Bob PetHair Vision robot vacuum in space grey
Bob PetHair Plus robot vacuum in cobalt blue
Bob PetHair in rouge red
Bob Standard in champagne gold
Bob Pro robot vacuum in gold
bObi Pet robot vacuum in silver
bObi Classic robot vacuum in blackberry
White living room

The Future of Floor Cleaning​

Our robot vacuums are self-sufficient sweepers.


Woman walking in kitchen while gold Bob Pro cleans the kitchen floors

Bob Pro

Leave the cleaning to a professional.


Smooth design, easy tech. One click and Bob floors it, no further instructions needed.

Large dog husky playing with cobalt Bob PetHair Plus

Bob PetHair Plus

For big families, big dogs, and big messes.

Bob is our strongest floor cleaner and provides the best relief for pet owners who love their pets, but not their mess.

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