bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bob for your business

Automatic cleaning at its best! Considerably less expensive than cleaning service, Bob will vacuum and mop your shop or office and rid you of the never-ending hassle of cleaning up after a long day's work.

When the working day is over and everybody has left, it is Bob's turn to take care of the office. He wakes up exactly at the time you have set him up for and moves around the rooms hunting germs and dirt to present you with a clean office for a new day. When Bob is done vacuuming and mopping underneath every desk and around every corner, he slowly makes his way back to his spot and takes a nap until you need him next.

Walk into your office or shop with a big smile every morning as your intelligent and automatic vacuum cleaner is here to give you the extra hour you need to go for a run, or do something fun. Yes, with Bob it's like you have a little fairy living in your office who dances around the room and cleans up as you dream the sweetest dreams.

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