bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bobsweep comes with all the parts & accessories you need to run and maintain him




Bobsweep Intelligent Floor Cleaner ( x 1)

H.E.P.A Filters ( x 2)

Charge-up Station ( x 1)

Remote Control ( x 1)

Side Brushes ( x 2)

Microfiber Mopping Cloths ( x 2)

Mopping Extension ( x 1) {This is the plastic part that goes on Bob's belly and the mop is attached to}

Bumper Adhesives ( x 1 pack) {these are small rubber bands that can be attached to Bob's bumper so if it touches the furniture it doesn't scratch anything}

Brush Cleaning Tool ( x 1) { A tool to clean the main brush, dustbin, and side brushes}

Power Adapter ( x 1)

Owner's Manual




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