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General Questions


What does Bobsweep exactly do?

Bobsweep is a multifunctional and intelligent floor cleaner. Bobsweep mops, vacuums, and sweeps your floors autonomously. He uses a smart robotic navigation system to move around and between different rooms; His 28 sensors and advanced infrared technology detect obstacles and prevent him from falling off edges.


What kind of a surface does Bobsweep work on? Carpet, hardwood or tile?

All of the above! Not only can Bobsweep work on ALL floor types, he detects the floor type he is on and adjusts his cleaning mode and speed accordingly. For example, when he climbs up your rug from a hardwood, he slows down to pull the dust and debris out of the unsmooth surface.


How big of a space does Bobsweep cover?

Bobsweep can work in rooms of any size. However, he delivers optimal results in places under 1000 square feet. If you wish to use Bobsweep in a larger area, you can close some of the doors and divide the place so Bobsweep covers each section in a seperate cleaning task.


Is Bobsweep noisy?

Definitely not like a vacuum cleaner. Bobsweep’s loudness is under 70 decibels, which makes him much quieter that a vacuum cleaner. Many people find it easy to have Bobsweep work while they are busy taking care of other things. However, the good thing about Bobsweep’s noise when compared to a vacuum cleaner (or even most robotic vacuum cleaners) is that you don’t have to ever hear it! Bobsweep can be programmed to start working automatically when you are away. For example if you are using Bobsweep for your office, you can set Bobsweep to start mopping and vacuuming at 10pm every night.


Will Bobsweep pick up dog or cat hair?

Yes! Bobsweep is the best friend of pet owners. With Bobsweep, shedding is never the dilemma to sharing your home with your lovely pets.


What if the hair is long? Will Bob take care of it?

Yes! An important feature that distinguishes Bobsweep from robot vacuum cleaners is his extra long brush that enables him to cover a larger area as he moves around and pick up longer hair and larger particles. Additionally, the main brush's curve-shaped bristles make it extremely efficient in picking up hair. See the comparison of Bob’s main brush with regular robot vacuum cleaners.


Does Bobsweep charge himself automatically? When does he do it?

Yes! Bobsweep can find his charging station and goes there automatically to charge himself. Once his battery goes below 15%, Bobsweep starts looking for his charge up station. You can even set Bobsweep to go back to working once his charging completes.

*Please note that Bobsweep (and no other advanced robotic vacuum cleaner with self-charging feature) is able to find the charge up station 100% of the times. If Bobsweep’s battery runs out before he finds the charge-up station he will freeze where he is and beep every 30 seconds so you can find him and manually charge him.


How long will Bobsweep clean before it runs out of charge?

The exact time depends on the kind of the surface Bobsweep is used on and the age of the battery. Generally the smoother the surface is (i.e hardwood and tile), the better. Bob usually cleans between 55 and 90 minutes with a healthy battery.


Can Bobsweep be used on wet floors?

Bobsweep is capable of vacuuming water drops off the floor. He functions just fine if the floor is slightly wet, although he is not designed to dry the wetness (similar to a regular vacuum cleaner). However, Bob is not designed to run through a puddle, so don’t take him for a swim!


How do pets react to Bobsweep?

Most pets find Bobsweep friendly and amusing. However, every pet has its own reaction and attitude towards Bobsweep. Although at first some pets are surprised by him or even shy even from him, they get used to him quickly. Usually cats chase it around and dogs play with it. Bobsweep is free of Hazardous material and safe to be around pets.


Will Bobsweep damage my furniture?

No. Bobsweep has an infrared technology that helps him detect and avoid most obstacles. He is also equipped with a shock-absorbing bumper that prevents him from damaging the objects that are not detected.  Usually if the object is extremely dark (i.e black in color) it is less likely to be detected by the infrared so Bob uses his touch sensors to detect it.


Are hardwood or marble floors safe with Bobsweep?

Yes! Bobsweep has rubber tires that would never scratch your floors.


How does Bobsweep compare with other robot vacuum cleaners?

Bob is more than just a robot vacuum cleaner. He is capable of mopping the floor with a detachable microfiber mopping cloth at the same time as he vacuums. While vacuuming and mopping, he also shines his UV-C lamp. But that’s not all; Bobsweep has a filter that gets rid of certain microscopic particles. This makes Bobsweep an allergy-friendly cleaner. In addition, Bobsweep is RoHS certified, making him safe for you and the environment. For a complete list of features that distinguish Bobsweep from other robot vacuum cleaners see Bob’s features.



Maintenance Questions



How often do I have to empty Bobsweep’s dustbin?

Bobsweep’s dustbin capacity is far beyond most robot vacuum cleaners’. With the size of 1000ml, Bobsweep’s dustbin is three times larger than that of most advanced robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. Thus you won’t need to empty the bin after one or two cleanings. Depending on the size of the area and the amount of particles, Bobsweep can clean about six times before its dustbin is full.


Are Bobsweep brushes easy to clean?

Yes! Bobsweep comes with a cleaning tool that you can use to groom the main brush and remove the particles and hair that stick to it. It is recommended that you do this after 4-7 times of cleaning (this depends on the amount of particles on your floor)


What are Bobsweep’s after-sales services?

Bobsweep is covered by a one(1) year warranty and a five(5) years subsidized repair and service. We invite you to read about our excellent warranty and service plans.


How long does Bobsweep live?

It depends on his lifestyle! Bobsweep is sturdy and designed to stay with you for years. With a regular maintenance you can keep Bob healthy and efficient. The battery needs to change after about a year although this depends on the usage. The brushes and wheels will also start to wear off after about a year of frequent usage. The good news is that the parts are easily replaceable and unlike with some robot vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to purchase a new Bobsweep when only a part needs to be replaced.


Are the spare parts easy to find?

Absolutely! You can easily find the spare parts or the battery online and change them once they wear off. What’s even better is that during the first five years after purchasing Bobsweep, our excellent after-sale service subsidizes many of your maintenance costs for Bobsweep.



Technical Questions



How much does Bobsweep cost to run? Will it increase my electricity bill?

Quite the opposite! Bobsweep is friendly to your pocket and the environment. Look at the table below for exact energy cost which is based on the calculation tool provided by the Canadian government’s website,




What are Bobsweep’s dimensions? What is the weight?

Bobsweep has a circular shape with a diameter of 35cm diameter and a height of 11.5 cm. The weight is about 3.5 KG.


What kind of battery does Bobsweep have?

Bobsweep uses a 14.4V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that takes about 4 hours for a full charge. The remote control works with 2 AAA batteries.


Can I put the mopping cloth in the washing machine?

Of course! The microfiber mopping cloth is washable and we have provided you an extra one in the box which you can use while the other one is being washed.


How should I use the UV lamp? Is it harmful?

You can push a button on Bobsweep’s remote to turn on his UV lamp. The lamp is situated on the bottom cover of Bobsweep and faces the floor and therefore cannot harm you. Flipping Bobsweep over to look directly into the lamp is not recommended (it’s like looking directly into the sun). In short, Bobsweep’s UV lamp does NOT harm you; just don’t pick up Bobsweep to point the UV directly on your body for a long time, or you may get a tan!



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