bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Junior™: Just the Essentials, Enhanced to the Max

Young upstart. Focused on what matters.

Specialty: Your go-to guy. Simple yet fierce.

Junior is outfitted with everything he needs to get the job done with no mess and no fuss. We took the best of Bob and stopped there, simplifying

our 5-in-1 cleaning formula to a 3-in-1 with each component boosted to the max. It's all you need, and all of it.

bObsweep Standard Robot Vacuum


Junior Robot Vacuum Junior Pet Robot Vacuum Junior by bObsweep Robot Vacuum
TurboLift™ vacuum extracts dirt and dust trapped in carpet. Extra-long main brush reels in hair and larger bits and scraps. Highly efficient filter captures large portions of dust mites and certain microscopic particles.


Additional Features

  • Compatible with blOck
  • On-Board Diagnostics system
  • Extra-large dustbin
  • Extra-long main brush
  • Add-on mop attachment



Our Products

bObi Pet Robot Vacuum bObi Classic Robot Vacuum bObsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum
bObi Pet™ bObi Classic™ Bob PetHair™
Sleek, strong, stylish. Reflects the best in you. Specialty: Pet whisperer. Low volume, high power. The compact cleaner. World-traveller. Packs light. Speciality: Incognito mode: slips under furniture and leaves no trace. The heavy-duty handler. Always reining in cats' and dogs' fur. Specialty: Magician. Makes pet hair disappear.


Junior Robot Vacuum Standard Bob Robot Vacuum Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum
Junior™Bob Standard™Bob PetHair Plus™
Young upstart. Focused on what matters. Specialty: Your go-to guy. Simple yet fierce. The Original. Bob the First. Specialty: Well-rounded guy. Not a show off. MVP of the bObsweep team. No mercy for messes. Speciality: Good at math. 4x boosted suction = 0 dirt.
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