bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Extra Long Main Brush

large brush robot vacuum


Bob's extra-long brush allows him to cover more area as he moves around. Most automatic vacuum cleaners have a small brush which makes them much less efficient; they have to go back and forth several times to get the job done.


With his large brush, Bob can do the same thing in a single round, thus leading to more productivity and less wasted energy. This feature allows Bob to achieve better results especially if he is covering a larger area.


Bob's brush is also easy to maintain! All you need to do is to clean it every once in a while by simply taking it out and grooming it with the cleaning brush you find in its box.


Other features of bObsweep:

left direction
RoHS Compliance: Your Safety and the Environment's Protection are Guaranteed
Multiple modes and speeds
Long-lasting, Rechargable Battery
Main and Side Brushes
Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button
Extra Long Main Brush
Extra Large Dustbin (1L)
Remote Control
Auto Stairs & Edge Detector
Auto Recharging
Auto Adjust to Floor Type
right direction
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