bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bob is cautious & sensitive


You might wonder how Bobsweep, while automatically sweeping and mopping the floors, avoids obstacles like furniture and walls? Will he be able to see the wall looming up in front as he sashays along? What if it falls off the stairs and gets damaged? Don't worry! Bob is equipped with a built-in self navigation system which allows him to work without hurting himself or damaging your furniture.

What is a self navigation system? It is the combination of hardware and software that enables Bob to find his way as he flaunts around your home. Bobsweep is equipped with several sensors all around his body. His cliff sensors constantly send out Infrared signals to detect objects and once an object (living or not) is detected, Bob quickly changes his direction and moves away from it.

Bobsweep's rubber-like non-collision bumper on the other hand, allows him to remain free of bumps and scratches if he touches walls, furniture or other obstacles on his path. But what is great about Bob is that he is so intelligent, that unlike most robotic vacuum cleaners, he avoids hitting the walls and furniture and doesn't make as much noise or leave marks. Bobsweep rarely touches the obstacles on his way; your furniture will remain damage-free as a result and you won't have to hear bumping noises too much when he's working. Bobsweep's state-of-the-art infrared sensors (installed both in the front and back of his body) help him literally feel his way around so that he can clean without constantly crashing into things around him.




left direction
Harmless to the environment
Bob is as quiet as it gets
Programmable to your schedule
Multi-tasker who won't give up
Bob is subtle, yet thorough
Autonomous & Self-sufficient
Easy to Maintain
Independent yet Obedient
Bob is cautious & sensitive
right direction
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