bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Auto Stairs & Edge Detector


robot vacuum edge detectionDo you live in a two or more story house? Does your house have multiple edges that you should always remind yourself and others to watch for? Having to follow a robot vacuum cleaner around to make sure it won't fall off the stairs is the most annoying task one can be asked to do, isn't it?

Well, we thought of that and equipped Bobsweep with edge detection sensors that will prevent him from falling off steps, large or small. As soon as Bob gets close to any edge - doesn't matter if its 20 stairs or only one- his edge detection sensors will send warning signals by which he will decide which direction to avoid. He can turn around, move backwards, or give himself a slight angle and start cleaning alongside the stairs.

In the meantime, Bobsweep's external frame is made of special material that won't break easily. We are not claiming that Bob's frame will not break if you push the poor guy off the stairs, or if you pick him up and drop him! But Bob's frame can handle a drop of up to 20 cms without breaking depending on the surface he lands on.

Do your best to make sure that will never happen to him though, because his internal organs might get injured in case of a drop-off, and he may need to get repaired.

Not every vacuum cleaning robot is equipped with the same set of sensors, and almost none is made of a frame that doesn't break or crack easily. No wonder we keep saying Bob is much more than an automatic robot vacuum cleaner!


Other features of bObsweep:

left direction
RoHS Compliance: Your Safety and the Environment's Protection are Guaranteed
Multiple modes and speeds
Long-lasting, Rechargable Battery
Main and Side Brushes
Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button
Extra Long Main Brush
Extra Large Dustbin (1L)
Remote Control
Auto Stairs & Edge Detector
Auto Recharging
Auto Adjust to Floor Type
right direction
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