bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Busy Mom? Relax, Bob's Here

time is the best gift for mothers



Mothers are among the groups that appreciate Bob the most.


Raising children is more demanding than a full-time job, and many moms these days work outside the home as well. Therefore, labour-intensive housework like vacuum cleaning and mopping is the last thing a mother should be expected to do.

Bobsweep is a great gift to mothers because it reduces their workload so they can devote more time to themselves and their loved ones. Every mother deserves some help and Bobsweep provides that 24/7.

Bobsweep can be programmed to automatically vacuum the floors while you’re away, whether it’s for a couple of hours, or even the entire weekend. With Bobsweep, you can go for a relaxing weekend get-away and come back to a clean house!



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Get that lead and mercury off my family!

    To ensure your safety and satisfaction, Bob complies with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive(RoHS) standards. With the RoHS directive, you can be assured that Bob is completely free of hazardous substances that may damage you and your family’s health.   RoHS certification guarantees the avoidance of harmful material such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in Bob's electronic pieces and parts. It's a standard that has been adopted by the European Union since early 2000. Unfortunately, neither the U.S. nor Canada enforce it by law, and thus allow manufacturers to use cheaper material in their products that is considered hazardous for human beings, animals and the environment. However, as the leader in Canada's robotic vacuum cleaner industry, we set the highest standards for our products.   We believe that above anything else, Bob is a member of your family. He is not just a vacuum cleaner that no one uses unless for its primary purpose. Bob interacts with all members of the family as he runs along the walls and furniture. To be a reliable friend it is important that Bob is free of hazardous material. Bob is safe for you and the environment.  


Kids are happy around Bob

    Yes, Bob can be your baby’s new playmate! Not only does this intelligent floor cleaner vacuum and mop your rooms, but it also keeps your kids entertained. When your child is tired of playing with the toys, she or he would love to chase Bobsweep around the house. Unlike some robotic vacuum cleaners, Bobsweep is free of any hazardous material which makes him a safe friend for everyone. Bob is great with kids and enjoys dancing around them. That being said, we recommend that you keep your kids under supervision around Bob since Bobsweep is not a toy.
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