bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bob Standard™: The Original

Bob the First.

Specialty: Well-rounded guy. Not a show off

The first in our line, Bob is still everyone's go-to cleaner. Pack with favorite features like his heavy-duty build, programmable schedule, and back-to-back cleaning cycles, Bob's equipped to handle any mess in any home.

bObsweep Standard Robot Vacuum

Easy-to-Use DisplayAll-Around Cleaner
Ideal for newcomers to robotic vacuums of all ages, Bob's display accesses key cleaning modes and favorite features. Just like his shape, Bob is a well-rounded cleaner fit for every home. He vacuums, sweeps, mops, shines UV-C light, and filtrates particles to tackle dirt and germs in your home.
Programmable ScheduleBack-to-Back Cleaning Cycles
Input into Bob's charging station the time and days of the week you want him to self-start and have the home clean itself when you're not around! Bob knows to return to his charging station when he senses his battery is down to 15%. Enable his auto-resume feature and he'll go back to cleaning after he's all charged up! Seriously, why clean when Bob sweeps?




USD$599.00 USD$599.00

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bObi Pet Robot Vacuum bObi Classic Robot Vacuum bObsweep PetHair Robot Vacuum
bObi Pet™ bObi Classic™ Bob PetHair™
Sleek, strong, stylish. Reflects the best in you. Specialty: Pet whisperer. Low volume, high power. The compact cleaner. World-traveller. Packs light. Speciality: Incognito mode: slips under furniture and leaves no trace. The heavy-duty handler. Always reining in cats' and dogs' fur. Specialty: Magician. Makes pet hair disappear.


Junior Robot Vacuum Standard Bob Robot Vacuum Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum
Junior™Bob Standard™Bob PetHair Plus™
Young upstart. Focused on what matters. Specialty: Your go-to guy. Simple yet fierce. The Original. Bob the First. Specialty: Well-rounded guy. Not a show off. MVP of the bObsweep team. No mercy for messes. Speciality: Good at math. 4x boosted suction = 0 dirt.



Autonomous & Self-sufficient

    bObsweep is designed to recharge himself when he runs out of juice. As soon as he feels tired and he knows he is running out of charge, he glides to his charge-up station and fits himself into it if he can find it. After a short nap, he’s ready to start cleaning your floors again! You can also choose to charge Bobsweep directly from his adapter by connecting the latter to his side inlet; if you're taking Bob to his home manually, make sure you're placing him tightly against the charge-up station. Be sure to fit him exactly against the station so that the charging apparatus has full contact with it. This will ensure that bObsweep's connecting parts are attached to the station's connection points and he is fully charged and ready for action when you need him. The charging process is quite simple to understand. As Bob ‘sleeps’, he displays his charging status via battery level bars. These will turn full from the 1st bar to the 3rd bar repeatedly as the intelligent floor...


Harmless to the environment

  ...and your pocket!   When you factor in the carbon emissions of bObsweep's production (with the little size he has, he uses little material, and they're all certified to be free from hazardous substances), his recyclability (almost every part of Bob is recyclable), his modular design (so you can only change a part that's broken instead of needing to buy a new one), the source and amount of the electricity used to run him, etc. and compare them to a vacuum cleaner (that needs more material to make, uses more electricity to run, most probably has hazardous material in it, etc.), you can easily conclude how efficient bObsweep is especially when it comes to energy consumption.   Traditional mopping uses buckets of water and most cleaning chemicals harm the environment. With Bob and his automatic mopping capacity you can regularly clean your floors and yet save water. Put Bob's UV disinfectant on top of that and you can't deny how friendly Bob is to the environment and your poc...


Bob is as quiet as it gets

      It'd be false to say that a vacuum cleaner can be whisper-quiet. Bob is honest; he doesn't brag that he can move as quietly as a cat, but he is proud that he is quieter than an average robotic vacuum cleaner and almost silent if compared to a regular vacuum cleaner.  


Independent yet Obedient

Ever considered vacuum cleaning entertaining? Bobsweep is smart and independent, yet he is not stubborn if you give him directions. Like a good independent cleaner, Bob vacuums your floors on his own and cleans your rooms automatically. He can also be programmed to start and stop working according to the schedule you give him. Furthermore, what is good about Bobsweep cleaning when you are not around is that he has the ability to wriggle itself out of ‘tight’ situations (i.e. when it goes over a pile of socks under the furniture!) and keep sweeping and mopping without getting stuck. As independent as Bobsweep is, among his features is his remote control which allows you to have him clean exactly where you want. It can also be used to set Bob on different cleaning modes and control his other functions. Bob's remote control is fun to use and you can make Bob go where you want him, when you want him. Granted you cannot use the remote to make Bob do the Cha Cha, but you can use it ...


Easy to Maintain

  Bob functions at his best when he is properly maintained. The good news is that he requires very little attention and care, compared to all the work that he does. For example, Bob’s dustbin is particularly large (1,000 ml), making the emptying task considerably less frequent than most robotic vacuum cleaners. Rule of thumb for traditional house work is to regularly clean your broom and mop; Bob is no different, except that his manageable broom and mop are small and not awkward to clean. Disassembling and cleaning the mopping part for instance is as easy as pulling the rag out and rinsing it with water and soap.  Forget washing those traditional grimy mops or buying expensive replacements for disposable mops.  Installing the clean rag is as easy as simply attaching it to the mop-holder on Bob's belly. Attaching the mop-holder can be done by aligning the fastener at the end of the holder with the side of each wheel and pressing down slightly. You will hear a click as both en...


Programmable to your schedule

  “Oh no! My friends are coming over and I just got back home! I wish I had time to clean before heading out.” It’s time to look for more time-friendly alternatives, don’t you think? You can’t program ordinary vacuum cleaners (or even some robotic vacuum cleaners) to clean when you want them to. But Bob is the man of solutions. He cleans when you program him to.  This is quite an extraordinary feature if you think about it. How many mops, vacuum cleaners, or  brooms do you have that can be programmed to clean according to your schedule? Bob is intelligent and can be set to start working whenever you want him to. Just tell him when to do what, and he will obey. What if you need to get away for a whole weekend? Pressing the ‘+’ button on top of Bobsweep's surface is the solution for you. This will allow Bob to maintain your floors and carpets even when you’re not there to supervise. Just press the ‘full-go’ button after the settings have run their course ...


Bob is subtle, yet thorough

  You may have the cleanest living room or kitchen floors, but that image will shatter if the area underneath your couches and chairs is left to gather dust. On the other hand, bending down to chase those dust bunnies away can take a toll on your joints. When Bobsweep is around however, he prevents that dusty situation from developing at all.


Bob is cautious & sensitive

  You might wonder how Bobsweep, while automatically sweeping and mopping the floors, avoids obstacles like furniture and walls? Will he be able to see the wall looming up in front as he sashays along? What if it falls off the stairs and gets damaged? Don't worry! Bob is equipped with a built-in self navigation system which allows him to work without hurting himself or damaging your furniture. What is a self navigation system? It is the combination of hardware and software that enables Bob to find his way as he flaunts around your home. Bobsweep is equipped with several sensors all around his body. His cliff sensors constantly send out Infrared signals to detect objects and once an object (living or not) is detected, Bob quickly changes his direction and moves away from it. Bobsweep's rubber-like non-collision bumper on the other hand, allows him to remain free of bumps and scratches if he touches walls, furniture or other obstacles on his path. But what is great about Bob is that ...


Multi-tasker who won't give up

    Having to pay a visit to the over-crowded utility closet is the most difficult housework for most of us. However, you have to open that door sometimes, don't you?
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