bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Bob is subtle, yet thorough


bobsweep pethair side brushYou may have the cleanest living room or kitchen floors, but that image will shatter if the area underneath your couches and chairs is left to gather dust. On the other hand, bending down to chase those dust bunnies away can take a toll on your joints. When Bobsweep is around however, he prevents that dusty situation from developing at all.

How? Bob is equipped with a side brush that enables him to clean the area around him as it sashays along. The side brush allows him to sweep every corner of the room he finds himself in, a feature that is noticeably absent in robot vacuum cleaners that easily get stuck under couches.

Bobsweep is only 11.5 centimetres high and fits under any couch or bed under which is 12cm or higher. (underneath most beds and couched there is at least 15cms distance to floor.)

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, Bob lives up to its small, yet efficient size by cleaning where no vacuum cleaner has cleaned before: under beds and cabinets, behind the toilet, under the couch or dining tables, etc.

Bob also has the ability to clean all kinds of surfaces. These include hardwood, tile, carpet or any other surface that is usually found in homes.

The self-adjusting cleaning head is nothing to sneeze at either (no pun intended). This feature has the ability to smoothly transit from one surface to another without slowing down or getting stuck in the process.




left direction
Harmless to the environment
Bob is as quiet as it gets
Programmable to your schedule
Multi-tasker who won't give up
Bob is subtle, yet thorough
Autonomous & Self-sufficient
Easy to Maintain
Independent yet Obedient
Bob is cautious & sensitive
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