bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Independent yet Obedient

bobsweep pethair robot vacuum

Ever considered vacuum cleaning entertaining?

Bobsweep is smart and independent, yet he is not stubborn if you give him directions. Like a good independent cleaner, Bob vacuums your floors on his own and cleans your rooms automatically. He can also be programmed to start and stop working according to the schedule you give him. Furthermore, what is good about Bobsweep cleaning when you are not around is that he has the ability to wriggle itself out of ‘tight’ situations (i.e. when it goes over a pile of socks under the furniture!) and keep sweeping and mopping without getting stuck.

As independent as Bobsweep is, among his features is his remote control which allows you to have him clean exactly where you want. It can also be used to set Bob on different cleaning modes and control his other functions. Bob's remote control is fun to use and you can make Bob go where you want him, when you want him. Granted you cannot use the remote to make Bob do the Cha Cha, but you can use it to move him in different directions as you are laying comfortably on your couch. What is it like to be entertained playing with Bob's remote control while your floors are being vacuumed and mopped? It's like you are travelling back in time to your childhood again when you played with those remote controlled toys. You never thought vacuum cleaning and mopping would be fun, did you?



left direction
Harmless to the environment
Bob is as quiet as it gets
Programmable to your schedule
Multi-tasker who won't give up
Bob is subtle, yet thorough
Autonomous & Self-sufficient
Easy to Maintain
Independent yet Obedient
Bob is cautious & sensitive
right direction
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