bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Auto Adjust to Floor Type


bobsweep robot vacuum pet hair

As he runs around your home, stepping from hardwood on the bedroom's carpeted area, and then taking his way through kitchen tiles, Bob automatically adjusts himself to the type of surface he's sweeping; Bob can climb up to 2cm allowing him to transit between wood and carpet areas without getting stuck. Bob is also taller than most robotic vacuum cleaners so the chances of him getting tangled onto cords and wires at the back of your TV are really little. You might want to take off Bob's main brush if you want him to smoothly vacuum a shaggy rug.

Bobsweep also has three wheels that are connected to a powerful motor inside his body. The two main wheels that are located on the sides of his belly are equipped with shock absorbers and are adjustable for different heights. The 360º front wheel is smaller and can rotate around freely. Once Bob moves onto a pile of cords, the wheels start turning faster and more powerfully and push him forward, while the front wheel which is free to turn around will rotate into an angel that can free Bob from getting tangled. The deeper the pile is, the higher the danger is for Bob to get tangled, that's when the two side wheels adjust their height to make Bob taller and prevent him from sinking into the pile.

What can you do to help our dear Bob? Don't leave a bunch of cords, or a pile of loose sewing yarn on the floors. It's not good for Bob, and certainly not good for the looks of your home.


Other features of bObsweep:

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RoHS Compliance: Your Safety and the Environment's Protection are Guaranteed
Multiple modes and speeds
Long-lasting, Rechargable Battery
Main and Side Brushes
Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button
Extra Long Main Brush
Extra Large Dustbin (1L)
Remote Control
Auto Stairs & Edge Detector
Auto Recharging
Auto Adjust to Floor Type
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