bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Go Authorized!

Here at bObsweep, we want you to adopt with confidence! Whether you research us online or hear about us from a friend, we are here to make sure your experience meets your expectations of bObsweep as Canada’s premier robotic vacuum manufacturer. That's why we work closely with the selected retailers who have earned our trust to take good care of our bObsweep family.



Why buy from a bObsweep Authorized Seller?

The bottom line is that when you adopt Bob from an authorized seller, you can be sure it's Bob and not an imposter! Sellers become authorized because we know the bObsweep you receive from them is both new and ORIGINAL. Bob is a sophisticated fellow who embodies his carefully-crafted, sensitive, and intelligent organs under his charming face. Change one single thing in him, and Bob is no longer the complete cleaning mate that he is. Assurance of his holistic harmony is what gives us the confidence to stand behind him with a lifetime of support. Yes! All our bObsweep family members who adopt Bob through an authorized seller enjoy a lifetime of after-sale support in addition to the one year Limited warranty and the 5-year subsidized repair.


What happens if I buy Bob through a third-party seller?

Purchasing products from an unauthorized entity places our valued customers at risk. There are many individuals who sell used “bObsweep” on Amazon and EBay, many of whom advertise them as “refurbished”, or even “manufacturer refurbished” and “new”! Please be aware that none of the third-party sellers of Amazon or EBay are endorsed by bObsweep and we cannot attest to the authenticity of their listings or protect you from receiving products that are counterfeit, used, defective, or otherwise inconsistent with our strict guidelines. As a result, we cannot provide the same support on products sold under bObsweep’s name through these sellers.


The bObsweep Authorized Seller assurance:

Adopting Bob through an authorized seller means that Bob will arrive unaltered and uncompromised from its perfect and thoroughly tested state, directly from our high-expectation manufacturing process. Should any issue arise down the road, we will be always here to provide you with the service that your trust in bObsweep’s reputation deserves.


Authorized sellers of bObsweep include:




Unauthorized sellers with whom bObsweep has no association or trade include:

All third party sellers on Amazon even if they are claiming their listing to be "new".

All sellers on Ebay, Craigslist, and other open market places even if they are claiming their listing to be "new".

All sellers anywhere selling used products or claiming to sell a "refurbished" or "manufacturer refurbished" product (bObsweep does not refurbish products for resale).


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